Platform investing

Metalmark Capital's information advantage helps us identify unique themes and trends in certain industries — enabling us to anticipate and stay ahead of changes in the market. We capitalize on this through platform investing.

In a platform investment, we either create a start-up company by meeting with a management team, writing a business plan and putting together capital; or we take an existing company and transform it — growing it organically or otherwise taking it to the next level, often through strategic acquisitions.

Starting a firm de novo requires a different level of commitment, thought process and degree of skill than typical private equity transactions. It involves extensive research, leveraging of our proprietary relationships, a long-term commitment and an ability to be actively involved in the issues that occur when acquiring and transitioning facilities, building workforces and managing development plans. Our success in these investments is evidence of our ability to be a creative force that builds long-term value in our portfolio companies.

At times, as much as one-third to one-half of our portfolio has been made up of these types of arrangements. These case studies demonstrate our experience:

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Our focus on platform investing — building a company from the ground up, or transforming an existing company to take it to the next level — sets us apart in the private equity world.