The success of our approach is built on four fundamental differentiators: a founder focus; our acquisition platform business model; a commitment to active ownership; and our extensive executive network.

Founder and family ownership focus

Metalmark Capital is an active investor in founder and family-owned businesses.

Metalmark maintains a high level of respect for the people and organizations in which we invest and understands the passion founders have for their businesses, the importance of the cultures they have built, and the significance of the legacies they seek to perpetuate.

Acquisition platform business model

Metalmark has deep experience in starting or building scale businesses through targeted acquisition programs. Over eighty businesses have been acquired as strategic additions to our portfolios, adding over $1 billion in annualized EBITDA to our investee companies.

We look for transformational opportunities by identifying: geographic, customer and/or product expansions; complementary asset acquisitions that yield substantial cost and operational synergies; and scale-ups, which drive capital structure enhancements and multiple expansion.

Complementing this are the resources and analytics we bring to maximizing portfolio company M&A activities, driving due diligence, negotiations, deal structuring, financing, and post-merger integration.

Active ownership:
engage, enhance, expand

Metalmark’s Team is there to fully support the business priorities and opportunities of our partners.

This can include investment in and expansion of the Company’s executive suite, supporting strategic M&A and driving company growth targets, evaluating and optimizing financing and capital market opportunities, and optimizing Company operations through our access to best-in-class resources and talents.

Metalmark also leverages the depth of its advisory board, operating executives and strategic partners to develop and drive additional growth and improvement within our Company’s operations.

Our corporate relationships: an intelligence network

Metalmark has cultivated an extensive corporate executive network – key corporate advisors, strategic partners, operating executives and advisory board members – that complement and strengthen our deal generation and intelligence-gathering capabilities, positioning Metalmark as a well informed and differentiated partner to assist in successful growth and expansion of our investment partner’s businesses.