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Healthcare | Historical

Aegis Sciences Corporation

Aegis Sciences Corporation is a provider of drug monitoring and toxicology services to pain management physicians, professional sports leagues, academic institutions, medical examiner offices, and state/local government agencies throughout the United States.

Real Assets | Current

Aqua Capital Management LP

Aqua Capital Management owns and manages a portfolio of water right assets throughout the western United States.

Food & Agribusiness | Historical

Aventine Renewable Energy

Aventine Renewable Energy was a leading producer and marketer of ethanol in the United States.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Current

Camin Cargo Control Inc.

Camin Cargo Control Inc. is a leading third-party service provider to the downstream energy industry in the United States and internationally. The Company operates in three business segments: inspection, laboratory testing, and additive treatment.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

Cantera Resources

Together with the founders, we helped to build Cantera Resources, a natural gas gathering and processing company, through the strategic acquisition of the assets of a variety of other firms. Cantera Resources Holdings LLC owned and operated gas gathering and processing assets in Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

Healthcare | Historical


Catalytica was a leading manufacturer of bulk actives, chemical intermediates and sterile pharmaceutical products for major pharmaceutical companies, including Merck, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

In 2000, DSM acquired Catalytica’s pharmaceutical business.

Healthcare | Historical

Collagen Matrix

Collagen Matrix develops and manufactures innovative collagen and mineral-based technology for applications in tissue repair and regeneration, focusing on Oral Surgery, Neurosurgery and Orthopedic / Spine.

Real Assets | Historical

Concert Capital Resources, LP

Concert Capital Resources was a provider of structured financing products to the energy industry.

Real Assets | Historical

CP Power

CP Power invested in electric generation facilities in the United States and held an operating interest in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a 286 Mega Watt power plant that supplies power to the New York City market.

Healthcare | Historical

Cross Country Healthcare

Cross Country Healthcare’s core business is to provide qualified nursing staff on a contract basis principally to acute care hospitals.

Cross Country grew to become on of the largest healthcare staffing services in the United States. In October 2001, the Company completed an initial public offering.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical


EnerSys is the world’s largest manufacturer, marketer and distributor of industrial batteries in three markets: reserve power, motive power, and aerospace & defense.

EnerSys completed its initial public offering in 2004.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

HDT Global

HDT Global is a leading provider of integrated, expeditionary solutions that assist domestic and international militaries and emergency response organizations. HDT’s soldier support solutions include rapidly-deployable tactical shelters, environmental control units, power generation and heating units, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (“CBRN”) filters and filtration systems.

Healthcare | Historical


Healogics (formerly known as National Healing Corporation) is a leading provider of wound care management services for hospitals and other healthcare providers in the United States.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

Highlands Gas Corporation

Highlands Gas acquired and operated various gas gathering, processing and marketing assets located in the southwestern United States.

In 1997 Union Pacific Resources acquired the company.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

Hoffmaster Group, Inc

Hoffmaster Group is a leading North American paper converting business focused on the design and manufacture of premium paper tableware including napkins, plates, cups and complementary items. The Company differentiates itself from its competition through its broad and highly customized product offering characterized by high-end printed graphic design and high SKU counts, demanding an equipment base and operations capable of rapid product change-overs, a unique capability in this industry.

Healthcare | Current

Innovetive Petcare

Innovetive Petcare is an acquirer and operator of specialty and general practice veterinary hospitals and clinics for companion animals. The Company operates in the south central and southeastern United States.Cedar Park, Texas

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

Interstate Natural Gas

Interstate Natural Gas operated a fully integrated natural gas production, gathering and transmission system for the Monroe Field in northern Louisiana, historically one of the largest gas fields in the United States.

Interstate Natural Gas was acquired by Coho Energy, Inc. in 1994.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

Kissner Milling Company

Kissner is a leading producer and distributor of bulk rock salt across the Great Lakes region, and packaged specialty deicing products across the United States and Canada.

Business & Commercial Services | Historical

Maxum Petroleum

Maxum Petroleum is a national provider of transportation and logistics services for petroleum products, focused on providing a comprehensive fuel and lubricant offering to the domestic commercial and industrial sectors.

In August 2012, Pilot Flying J (“Pilot”) acquired a controlling interest in Maxum for cash and Pilot contributed Western Petroleum into Maxum.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Current

Monarch Natural Gas

Monarch Midstream was formed to acquire natural gas gathering and processing assets located in the United States.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

Mountain Gas Resources

Mountain Gas was a leading gatherer, processor, and marketer of natural gas and natural gas liquids in the Green River Basin in southwestern Wyoming.

Mountain Gas was acquired by Western Gas Resources in 1993.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

Ni America

Ni America was founded to acquire, own, and operate water and wastewater systems in high growth areas of the United States.

Real Assets | Current

Northeast Natural Energy

Northeast Natural Energy was formed to pursue natural gas exploration and production opportunities in New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia in the Marcellus Shale formation.

Healthcare | Current

Octomera LLC

Octomera LLC is a cell and gene therapy contract development and manufacturing organization. Octomera is a subsidiary of Orgenesis Inc. (“Orgenesis”) [NASDAQ:ORG], a global biotech company based in Nevada.

Real Assets | Historical

Pacific Coast Energy Company

Pacific Coast Energy Company (“PCEC”) (formerly known as Breitburn Energy Company) is an independent company engaged in the development and production of long-lived onshore crude oil reserves located in Los Angeles, Orange and Santa Barbara counties in Southern California.

In January 2012, PCEC formed Pacific Coast Oil Trust, which completed its initial public offering in May 2012 on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “ROYT”.

Real Assets | Current

PetroSantander Inc.

PetroSantander is a global, oil focused exploration and production company with current operations in the United States, Colombia, Brazil and Romania.

Healthcare | Current

Premier Research

Premier Research is a leading middle-market contract research organization (“CRO”) that provides comprehensive clinical development, analytic and support services to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device customers.

Business & Commercial Services | Current

PTW Energy Services

PTW Energy Services Ltd. (“PTW”) was formed to combine three complementary energy services companies based in the province of Alberta, Canada. These companies include Pyramid Corporation, Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. and Warwick & Kent Holdings Ltd. Together, the PTW group of companies provide electrical and instrumentation (“E&I”) and building fabrication services to energy, engineering and construction clients operating across markets in Canada, the U.S., Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

Reliance Gathering

Reliance Gathering develops and manages oil gathering systems in the Midland portion of the Permian Basin in West Texas.

Food & Agribusiness | Current

Renewable Biofuels

Renewable Biofuels owns and operates the largest biodiesel production facility in North America.

Business & Commercial Services | Historical

Schafer Corporation

Schafer Corporation is a provider of scientific, engineering, and technical services and products applied to defeating national security threats.

Healthcare | Current

Sebela Pharmaceuticals

Sebela Holdings LLC is a privately-held commercialization and development organization focused on marketed pharmaceuticals in the United States across three therapeutic franchises: gastroenterology, dermatology, and women’s health.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

Somerset Energy

Somerset Energy was an independent energy company that was formed to acquire, develop and produce and oil and natural gas located in the Appalachian Basin.

Somerset was acquired by Enron in September 2000.

Business & Commercial Services | Historical


Tegrant, formerly SCA North America, was a leading North American provider of custom protective packaging solutions. Tegrant customized its packaging products with a wide variety of materials including various foams, corrugated paperboard, wood and thermoformed plastics.

Real Assets | Historical

Triana Energy

Triana Energy was one of the largest natural gas exploration and production company focused on the Appalachian Basin.

Chesapeake Energy Corporation acquired the company in 2005.

Industrials & Infrastructure | Historical

Union Drilling, Inc.

Union Drilling was a publicly-traded land-based drilling contractor in the United States with operations in the Appalachian Basin, the Rockies, Oklahoma and Texas.

The Company completed its initial public offering in November 2005.

In November 2012, Sidewinder Drilling Inc. acquired the Company.

Food & Agribusiness | Historical


Valagro is a leading supplier of biostimulants and specialty nutrients to the global agricultural market.

Healthcare | Historical

Vanguard Health Systems

Metalmark Capital, former OrNda HealthCorp CEO Charles Martin and his team of former executives from OrNda and Columbia/HCA formed Vanguard Health Systems, Inc. (“Vanguard”) in July 1997 to acquire and convert primarily not-for-profit healthcare systems into investor-owned entities.

Business & Commercial Services | Historical


WorldStrides is a leading provider of educational travel programs. The Company offers travel programs to over 100 countries and works with students and teachers from the elementary to graduate school level, offering on-site experiential learning opportunities and accredited educational content.